Important steps for the sake of peace and prosperity

Our state strives to activate positive regional and global affairs to provide comprehensive support for the development of harmonious solutions to the urgent problems of our time. Turkmenistan has been holding cooperations with prestigious international organizations. Among them is the Non-Aligned Movement, founded in 1961. Its main goal is to avoid joining military-political factions and to unite efforts based on equality and mutual respect for the sake of ensuring world security and sustainable development.

As it is known, Turkmenistan has been a member of the Non-Aligned Movement since October 1995. The Non-Aligned Movement was one of the first to fully support our national foreign policy. It should be noted that this was an important condition that contributed to the recognition of the international legal status of our country by the United Nations in December 1995. Currently, Turkmenistan, which occupies one of the important positions in the Central Asian region, shows a great interest in creating a reliable, collective security system and further political and economic rapprochement of the world. Our country strives to use the available opportunities to further expand effective communication across the vast space to address important issues on the Global Agenda, including combating, preventing and eradicating epidemics.

It should be reminded that the National Leader of the Turkmen people, initiated the strategy of joint actions to overcome this global crisis at the summit of the Coordination Group of the Non-Aligned Movement to fight the COVID-19 infection held in May 2020 dedicated to the fight against the coronavirus infection through the digital network. At the 2020 Baku Summit, our National Leader emphasized the importance of conducting joint multilateral work under the coordination of the United Nations and in close cooperation with the World Health Organization, in particular, between the Non-Aligned Movement and WHO. It was an important step to establish effective methods of cooperation in the field of medical associations. Among the important initiatives of our Hero Arkadag in order to reach the global economy to the level of sustainable development, to solve the large-scale humanitarian problems caused by the pandemic, and to joint the efforts of member states in ensuring global food security. The National Leader determined that ensuring peace and security is the main concern for achieving all the goals and completely overcoming the current crisis. The participation of the President Serdar Berdimuhamedov in the Baku meeting is a clear evidence that the political direction of our Hero Arkadag is being successfully continued, by taking an active role in the development of effective relations in the international area aiming to solve urgent problems in the post-recession period. As the Turkmen leader emphasized the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic are one of the most important and fundamental problems today. Of course, this is not just a medical issue. It directly impacts on the developing in the political, economic, socio-humanitarian aspects of global development. This once again highlighted the need to find new, uniform ways of interaction between states and international institutions to overcome the difficult situation in which we all face. In such conditions, the role of the Non-Aligned Movement as an association of states adhering to the views of equality, justice and humanitarianism is increasing. Contributing proactively to overcoming the consequences of COVID requires us to articulate clear, lines of cooperation and priorities. In this regard, first of all, our esteemed President emphasized  the formation  of the general political-worldview foundations of joint work, and  the principles of solidarity, mutual assistance, as well as indivisible responsibility should be established on the basis of them. By applying essential life, by joining forces, can we create the conditions to overcome the consequences of the pandemic. We will ensure that it doesn’t happen again, taking the necessary protective measure, and restoring our economic and trade relations. It is clear that the end of the acute phase of the pandemic does not mean that it has been completely overcome. Thus, our honourable President emphasized that it is necessary not only to reduce the level of cooperation, but also to continuously expand it. Our esteemed President’s participation in the summit of the Non-Aligned Movement's Communication Group to fight against COVID-19 is a modal  example of the country's active role in establishing common approaches to determine effective methods of international cooperation that meets the needs of the time, as well as  taking into account national interests and  global development priorities.Today, happy youth is thankful to Our Hero Arkadag and our highly Esteemed President for their great efforts to provide peace in  internal and external policies and wished them great success in all their endeavors.


Teacher of the Institute of International Relations

 of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan